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Mosse and the Remaking of Cultural History , [Yr: ]. Subject: Engineering; Medicine; Engineering: General. Title: Perinatal Infections , [Yr: ]. Title: Perinatal Stem Cells , [Yr: ]. Author: Fugazzotto, Paul A. Title: Periodontology : The Essentials , [Yr: ]. Author: Cheng, Davy C. Author: Cohen, Jeffrey A.

Author: Baklanoff, Eric N. Title: Periplasm , [Yr: ]. Title: Perishable : A Memoir , [Yr: ]. Title: Perl Black Book , [Yr: ]. Title: Perl Power! Title: Perlefter , [Yr: ]. Author: Mann, Thomas E. Author: Reville, Robert T. Title: Permanent Visitors , [Yr: ]. Title: Permeable Pavements , [Yr: ]. Title: Permutation Group Algorithms , [Yr: ]. Author: Kirsch, Thomas G. Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated. These acts also reorganize post-war Southern governments, disfranchising former high ranking Confederates and enfranchising former slaves in the South.

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The institution is named after General Oliver O. Menard is the first African American elected to Congress. However, neither he nor his opponent will be seated due to disputed election results. Howard University Medical School opens on November 9. It is the first medical school in the United States established for the training of African American doctors.

The amendment guarantees African American males the right to vote. He is the first black American diplomat and presidential appointee. Hiram R.

Senate on February He is the first black United States senator, though he serves only one year, completing the unexpired term of Jefferson Davis. It is the first public high school for African Americans in the nation. The Jubilee Singers become world-famous singers of black spirituals, performing before the Queen of England and the Emperor of Japan.

He is the first African American to hold that position. On April 14, the U.

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He is the first African American to preside over a predominately white university. On Easter Sunday more than African Americans were killed in northwest Louisiana while defending Republicans in local office against white militia. Later that year in what would be known as the Coushatta Massacre 30 people including white and black Republican officeholders and their supporters were killed by white militia.

Federal troops are sent to Vicksburg, Mississippi in January to protect African Americans attempting to vote and to allow the safe return of the African American sheriff who had been forced to flee the city.

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Similar statutes had existed in the North before the Civil War. Over the next 27 years fourteen black jockeys would ride the wining horse at the Derby. Lewis H. He is the first African American to receive a Ph. Hayes Republican , is inconclusive when the votes in the Electoral College are disputed. Although Democratic Presidential candidate Samuel Tilden won the popular vote, Southern Democratic leaders agree to support Rutherford Hayes's efforts to obtain the disputed electoral votes of Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina in exchange for the withdrawal of the last federal troops from the South and the end of federal efforts to protect the civil rights of African Americans.

This is the first of hundreds of all or mostly black towns created in the West. President Rutherford B. His jurisdication is the District of Columbia.

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Hayes and assembled guests. Approximately six thousand African Americans leave Louisiana and Mississippi counties along the Mississippi River for Kansas in what will be known as the Exodus. On May 14, Sgt. In January the Tennessee State Legislature votes to segregate railroad passenger cars. Spelman College, the first college for black women in the U. Packard and Harriet E. The Virginia State Assembly established the first state mental hospital for African Americans and locates it near Petersburg.

The 50th Congress has no black members. Intimidation keeps most black voters from the polls. On October 16, U. On November 3, white conservatives in Danville, Virginia, seize control of the local racially integrated and popularly elected government, killing four African Americans in the process. Judy W. Reed of Washington D. She is granted patent number , on September 23 for her creation of a dough kneader and roller.

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The company manufactured and sold telephone and telegraph equipment. All major unions of the federation excluded black workers. He is the first African American to head a major political party at the state level in U. By blacks were no longer players in Major League Baseball. He is believed to be the first African American mayor of a predominantly white town in the United States. C, open their doors. On November 1, the Mississippi Legislature approves a new state Constitution that disenfranchises virtually all of the state's African American voters.

The Mississippi Plan used literacy and understanding tests to prevent African Americans from casting ballots. William Henry Lewis and William Tecumseh Sherman Jackson were the first known black players on a white college football team when they played at Amherst College in Massachusetts. Lewis was team captain for the season. On July 14 three companies of the 24th Infantry occupy the Coeur d'Alene Mining District in northern Idaho which has been declared under martial law following a violent strike by silver miners.

They remain for four months.

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A record people are lynched in the United States this year, are black and 69 white. In the period between and , Tuskegee Institute compiled nationwide lynching statistics. In that 69 year period, 4, people were lynched including 3, blacks and 1, whites. Ninety-two women were victims of lynching, 76 were black and 16 were white. Although southern states accounted for 90 percent of the lynchings, every state in the continental U. The patient, a victim of a chest stab wound, survives and lives for twenty years after the operation.

White terrorists attack black workers in New Orleans on March Six blacks are killed. Booker T.

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He says the Negro problem would be solved by a policy of gradualism and accommodation. Plessey v. Supreme Court rules that Southern segregation laws and practices Jim Crow do not conflict with the 13th and 14th Amendments. The Court defends its ruling by articulating the separate but equal doctrine. Mary Church Terrell is chosen as its first president. His work advances peanut, sweet potato, and soybean farming. John Shippen became the first black professional golfer when he participated in a tournament in England.

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The first Phillis Wheatley Home is founded in Detroit. These homes, established in most cities with large African American populations, provide temporary accommodations and social services for single African American women. Only males whose fathers or grandfathers were qualified to vote on January 1, , are automatically registered. Others African Americans must comply with educational or property requirements.