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In addition, if there is significant evidence opposing your viewpoint, you acknowledge this and avoid concealing it from your audience. Finally, fairness involves respect for the audience and individual members—recognizing that each person has basic rights and is worthy of courtesy.

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Consider these expectations of fairness when designing your message and you will more thoroughly engage your audience. To better understand your audience, learn about their demographic traits, such as age, gender, and employment status, as these help determine their interests, needs, and goals. In addition, become aware of your perceptions and theirs, and practice fairness in your communications.

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Skip to main content. Audience-Centered Communication. Search for:. Figure 3. Demographic Traits Demographic traits refer to the characteristics that make someone an individual, but that he or she has in common with others. Improving Your Perceptions of Your Audience The better you can understand your audience, the better you can tailor your communications to reach them.

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Table 3. Placing yourself in the new culture, group, or co-culture can often expand your understanding. Recognize that even though you may interact with two people from the same culture, they are individuals with their own set of experiences, values, and interests. Recognize that people, objects, and situations change The world is changing and so are we. Recognizing that people and cultures, like communication process itself, are dynamic and ever changing can improve your intercultural communication.

Become aware of the role perceptions play in communication Perception is an important aspect of the communication process. By understanding that our perceptions are not the only ones possible can limit ethnocentrism and improve intercultural communication. Being open to differences can improve intercultural communication.


Check your perceptions By learning to observe, and acknowledging our own perceptions, we can avoid assumptions, expand our understanding, and improve our ability to communicate across cultures. Fairness in Communication Finally, consider that your audience has several expectations of you. Key Takeaway To better understand your audience, learn about their demographic traits, such as age, gender, and employment status, as these help determine their interests, needs, and goals. Exercises List at least three demographic traits that apply to you.

How does belonging to these demographic groups influence your perceptions and priorities? Share your thoughts with your classmates. Think of two ways to learn more about your audience. Revised and updated throughout, it provides readers with practical guidance on controlling their nerves, creating visual aids and structuring presentations. This is an invaluable resource for students of all disciplines in further or higher education who have to give presentations as part of their course. It is also ideal for recent graduates looking to hone their presentation skills as they enter the job market. Discusses effective public speaking in a range of contexts, including seminars, tutorials, committee meetings, student elections and interviews Provides guidance on excelling at both individual and group presentations Encourages readers to apply and develop new skills through interactive exercises Contains checklists highlighting important actions at every step Includes advice on job searches and a practical, step-by-step guide to successful job interviews.

Preface 1. Personal Development: Speaking to an Audience 2. Delivery and Non-verbal Communication and Nerves 3. Choosing and Using Visual Aids 4.

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Speaking as Part of Your Course 5. Speaking as Part of a Group 6. New end-of-chapter assignments include an individual project and a collaborative project that build cumulatively throughout Part I, allowing students to work through the entire book on a single large assignment. See any of the following pages for a complete listing of packages available: Elements of Technical Writing, The, 3rd Edition. Previous editions. Relevant Courses.

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