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By taking the spectrum of a distant object, such as a galaxy, astronomers can see a shift in the lines of its spectrum and from this shift determine its velocity. Putting this velocity into the Hubble equation, they determine the distance.

Reference Article: Facts about redshift and blueshift.

Note that this method of determining distances is based on observation the shift in the spectrum and on a theory Hubble's Law. If the theory is not correct, the distances determined in this way are all nonsense.

Origins: Hubble: Tools: Doppler Effect & Redshift | Exploratorium

Most astronomers believe that Hubble's Law does, however, hold true for a large range of distances in the universe. It should be noted that, on very large scales, Einstein's theory predicts departures from a strictly linear Hubble law.

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The amount of departure, and the type, depends on the value of the total mass of the universe. In this way a plot of recession velocity or redshift vs. A site for ages 14 and up.

What Are Redshift and Blueshift?

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Return to the StarChild Main Page. Go to Imagine the Universe! The diagram shows part of the emission spectrum of light from the Sun.

Gravitational Redshift: The Universe in Motion

Astronomers can observe light from distant galaxies. When they do this, they see it is different to the light from the Sun. The dark lines in the spectra from distant galaxies show an increase in wavelength. The lines are moved or shifted towards the red end of the spectrum. This effect is called red-shift. The diagram shows part of the emission spectrum of light from a distant galaxy. Astronomers see red-shift in virtually all galaxies.