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Sloan Julia. Strategic thinking has become a core competency for business leaders globally.

How To Be A Strategic Motherfucker - The 7 Pillars Of Strategic Thinking

Overused and under-defined, the term is often used interchangeably with other strategic management terms. This textbook delineates and defines strategic thinking as a conceptual cognitive capability, focusing on the nonlinear, divergent, and informal nature of strategic thinking.

In this third edition of a popular text, the author provides an unconventional definition and model for strategic thinking based on critical theory. This research-based book introduces the concept as the foundation of business strategy that is distinct from strategic planning and strategic implementation.

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New features, including executive summaries and key critical reflective questions, along with new and updated figures, make the book vital reading for MBA, leadership development, and executive education students. The practical nature of this book also makes it valuable for business and policy executives, managers, and emerging leaders.

Have doubts regarding this product? The implication for organizations is that they must find ways to identify and cultivate future leaders with the capacity to think strategically. The implication for the individual leader is that it is pointless to worry about nature versus nurture. You should focus on nurturing the talent you have.

Approaches to develop your strategic thinking ability include:.

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Total immersion is the best way to learn a new language. As with most arts, one of the best ways to learn to think strategically is to work closely with masters in apprenticeship-like relationships. These provide low-risk environments in which novices can observe and learn from the work of masters and so absorb their ways of thinking.

Business simulations are a great tool for developing intuition about interactions among the variables that drive organizational performance. My favorite example is theExecutive Challenge simulation developed by Enspire Learning.

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Research suggests that this sort of exposure to distillations of reality is particularly powerful when it involves comparisons of cases that are similar but involve a few key distinctions that drive significant differences in outcomes. This literally means doing mental exercises that create new habits of mind. This exercise is particularly helpful in developing visioning ability. Jobs and Careers.

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