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19th International Symposium, Singapore, May 12-16, 2014. Proceedings

Ask a Question. Pricing History. Questions 0. I would like to report this offer Please select a reason for reporting this offer. Davis, Neil C. Saddek Bensalem, Marius Bozga, Jean Quilbeuf, Joseph Sifakis - Proceedings of the 2nd edition on Programming systems, languages and applications based on actors, agents, and decentralized control abstractions - [bibtex] Knowledge-Based Distributed Conflict Resolution for Multiparty Interactions and Priorities.

Tesnim Abdellatif - [bibtex] Tirex : a textual target-level intermediate representation. Larmore - International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science - [bibtex] Computing reachable states for nonlinear biological models. Reasoning - [bibtex] Autour de l'Auto-stabilisation. Thomas A. ACM - [bibtex] Programs with lists are counter automata. Joseph Sifakis - Central Europ. Sanjay Rawat, Laurent Mounier - Proc. Krishnendu Chatterjee, Thomas A. Proceedings - [bibtex] Specification-centered robustness.

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Proceedings - [bibtex] Time-predictable and composable architectures for dependable embedded systems. Proceedings - [bibtex] Methods and tools for component-based system design. Vasiliki Sfyrla Sfyrla - Theses - [bibtex] Journal Articles Stabilizing leader election in partial synchronous systems with crash failures. Information des systemes distribues a base de composants.

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Vardi - Formal Methods in System Design - [bibtex] Reachability analysis of linear systems using support functions. Proceedings - [bibtex] Computational indistinguishability logic. Proceedings - [bibtex] Robustness with Respect to Error Specifications. Proceedings - [bibtex] From high-level component-based models to distributed implementations.

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Ileana Ober, Nicolas Halbwachs - 13th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe - [bibtex] Control software model checking using bisimulation functions for nonlinear systems. Proceedings - [bibtex] Interface theories with component reuse. Laurent Doyen, Thomas A. Rachid Guerraoui, Thomas A. Jun Sun - Paperback / Management & Leadership / Business & Economics: Books

Ananda Basu - Theses - [bibtex] Journal Articles Hybridization methods for the analysis of nonlinear systems. Pascal Lafourcade, Denis Lugiez, Ralf Treinen - Information and Computation - [bibtex] On optimal and reasonable control in the presence of adversaries. Roderick Bloem, Stefan J. Proceedings - [bibtex] Non-transparent debugging for software-pipelined loops. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Stavros Tripakis - 7th Intl.