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Just not soon. When my book comes out, zero for a while. But someday, before we all die, f yeah. News 4 Today at 6. Privacy policy More Newsletters. Rampaging Rockers and Mad Musicians. Celebrity Meltdowns. All rights reserved. Wife and mother Eugenia also had the same attitude. Of course, there was not much choice when you had to feed and raise two young sons.

For example, mother Eugenia worked as a cleaner and dishwasher in restaurants and hotels for years. Jan van Halen worked, among other things, as a dishwasher in the Methodist Hospital in Arcadia, not far from his Pasadena residence and as a caretaker in the Masonic Temple in Pasadena. In addition, he had his gigs by performing during fairs, parties and the like. However, the family was close, positive and optimistic.

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With these qualities, their settling in the US has become successful. The death of their father in and of their mother in have been a big blow to Eddie and Alex. At home music was heard all day. Alex says that music was what it was all about. The first memories of music come from his father; also the radio was constantly on. In the US you were already very spoiled in that respect. Jan van Halen must have been very happy about this, because it was his dream that his boys would become good and famous musicians one day. Musical education Alex and Eddie had classical piano lessons for years.

In high school, in the late sixties and the early seventies, they naturally came into contact with pop and rock music. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones had been busy for ten years, the flower power was on and there were an awful lot of new musicians and developments in the music.

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Next to Britain California was the most dynamic place on earth where it all happened. The birth of the band The first band of the brothers was The Broken Combs.


After that it became even more serious with their new band Mammoth. Then David Lee Roth, impressed by their performances, came knocking. Roth joined the band as a singer, that from onwards became Van Halen Band, later simply Van Halen, because another group by the name of Mammoth already existed. By the end of the seventies Van Halen became best known for the flamboyant and innovative guitar-playing of Eddie.

In particular, it was the now known as two-hand tapping guitar technique. Here the guitar neck is played quickly with two hands. No less striking were the performances because of the exuberant stage behaviour of David Lee Roth.

Rock musicians consider Eddie van Halen as a great guitar-player who has brought innovations in the field of guitar amplification, effects and design. Commercially, it did the band and Eddie in particular no harm. Success for Van Halen starts in Just like father Jan van Halen, the band plays as much as possible and they do that in bars, clubs and hotels.

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Their repertoire is not yet specifically rock and they often play covers. Little by little the band starts to play their own compositions. Their talent does not go unnoticed and the following year the big Warner Bros offers a recording contract. That starts with an untitled first album, with mainly hardrock songs. The debut album has been a success and already after eight months the band got a platinum album. The record reached the eighth place in the top 40 charts on 8 May In that same year the band performs in Amsterdam and in Delft. They can still communicate in Dutch.

The band impresses at the Pinkpop festival in , although they are not willing to cooperate with a live recording for KRO-televison. As a matter of fact, secret recordings are made … The album Fair Warning from scores somewhat less, but the subsequent Diver Down from , which largely consists of covers, is doing very well. Father Jan van Halen has indirectly fulfilled an honourary role with his clarinet in this album in the song Big Bad Bill now Sweet William. In the eighties Van Halen grew into a main act and the question is whether the band has ever reached the status of superband, despite the successes achieved.

It was Alex's. Van Halen is the inventor on US Suffering from lingering injuries from past high-risk acrobatic stage antics and crashes, Van Halen underwent hip replacement surgery in November , after his chronic avascular necrosis , with which he was diagnosed in , became unbearable.

The subsequent surgery removed roughly a third of his tongue. He was declared cancer-free in In December , Van Halen attended "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott 's funeral, and donated the black and yellow guitar featured on the Van Halen II album inlay, stating that it was always a favorite of Dimebag's.


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The guitar was put in Darrell's Kiss Kasket and he was buried with it. Van Halen has struggled with alcoholism and drug abuse. He has stated that he began smoking and drinking at age 12, and that he eventually needed alcohol to function. On October 6, , Van Halen proposed to his girlfriend, Janie Liszewski, an actress and stunt-woman who became Van Halen's publicist in The two married on June 27, , at his Studio City estate, with his son Wolfgang and Bertinelli in attendance.

In August , Van Halen underwent an emergency surgery for a severe bout of diverticulitis.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dutch-American rock musician. In this Dutch name , the family name is Van Halen , not Halen. Amsterdam , Netherlands. American Dutch. Musician songwriter producer arranger guitarist. Valerie Bertinelli m. Janie Liszewski m.

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