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The earliest of the familiar cast, year-old reporter Milo Bloom, was introduced Dec.

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An unnamed penguin, whom Binkley mistook for a German Shepherd, appeared on June 26, The penguin appeared in three more strips between then and July 3, only to disappear until Jan. But it was a week later that Opus was first identified by name, during a sequence that parodied the Scopes trial in Tennessee. Milo had been doing a school report on the evolution of the penguin and it turned out a new state law had been passed about teaching penguin evolution without including alternate theories.

In , the Meadow Party held its convention in San Francisco, which was also the site of the Democratic convention. For his part, Milo had an often adversarial relationship with Sen.

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Lucias Bedfellow. In the Jan. The sequence contains one of my favorite Bloom County scenes. In the first panel, Milo declares that the jury finds Bedfellow guilty:. In the April 4, strip, a bored Milo, at the obituaries desk, flips through the phone book and dials a number. Oliver owns a sentient, philosophical and ambulatory Banana, Jr.

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  4. In the May 18, strip, Opus, Hodge-Podge and Portnoy are acting out a Star Trek adventure as they come across a car illegally parked in a handicap spot. You need to login to do this.

    Get Known if you don't have an account. Opus : 27, feet up in the air on a wheelchair heading for who knows where, and not even a fresh change of skivvies on hand.

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    And the worst Opus: We don't want anybody to get the idea that lately we've been saying women can't be trusted Milo: Not at all. Opus: Not at all! Misses the point! Milo: By a mile! Opus: The point is that women Or rather, women You know Opus: I did not say that! LeGrunt : You will not sue. You will not sue. Opus: Ah, nabbed from sadists by terrorists Opus: Milo, do you remember what the President called his Iranian ransom shipments of weapons?

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    Milo: Do we know the victim, or should we check dental records? Reader: Nice tip of the hat to Bill Watterson there. Well played. Other notes. See details.

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    Add to cart. Be the first to write a review About this product. This volume of Berkeley Breathed's Pulitzer Prize winning opus sorry runs from November 30th, through August 6, the day day Breathed, at the top of his game both critically and in circulation, walked away from Bloom County, leaving us only fond memories and this wonderful Bloom County Library so we can revisit Opus, Bill, Steve, Milo, and all the rest any time we want -The Library of American Comics is the world's 1 publisher of classic newspaper comic strips, with 14 Eisner Award nominations and three wins for best book.

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    LOAC has become "the gold standard for archival comic strip reprints The research and articles provide insight and context, and most importantly the glorious reproduction of the material has preserved these strips for those who knew them and offers a new gateway to adventure for those discovering them for the first time. Additional Product Features Illustrated. Show More Show Less. Add to Cart.